Lifting KnowHow

Setting standards for a more sustainable future

At CERTEX Renewables we believe that sustainability is the key to secure our future as a company. Guided by our core values in combination with our Lifting KnowHow, we have the conditions to drive sustainable transformation in our industry. Sustainability is integrated in our value chain with the focus on offering safe products and solutions to meet customer´s quality expectations and to improve their sustainability performance.

Sustainable supply chain, Sustainable operations and Sustainable customer offer are our three focus areas, which in turn are divided into three sustainability themes: People, Climate and Circularity. For each theme, it is defined long-term goals and the activities needed to reach them. A set of KPIs are regularly reported to make sure we are heading in the right direction. With the vision to be the company setting standards for a more sustainable future, we have a tough journey ahead of us, but we are committed, let's do this together!

Making sustainability happen

CERTEX Renewables is a part of Axel Johnson International where sustainability is a fundamental part and prerequisite of the group’s business model. Every day our products drive, secure and power thousands of applications essential for the society to function. At Axel Johnson International, we recognize that the society needs to be more sustainable, and by helping our customers find optimal technical solutions, we contribute to a more sustainable development. With customers in focus, the group’s sustainability work will strengthen our existing business and drive the sustainability transformation in our industry. Read more about how the group works towards a more sustainable industry on Axel Johnson International's website.