Making sustainability happen

At CERTEX Renewables we believe that sustainability is the key to secure our future as a company. We address sustainability through the three focus areas of:

  • Sustainable supply chain – By working closely with suppliers who share our values and meet our sustainability standards, we move towards a sustainable supply chain.
  • Sustainable operations – Through resource efficiency and highly engaged employees, we strive to achieve sustainable operations.
  • Sustainable customer offer – Through Lifting KnowHow, we provide our customers safe products to meet customer´s quality expectations and to improve their sustainability performance.

With a strong foundation built up of the Lifting KnowHow promise together with our core guiding principles, CERTEX Renewables is thinking long term and making sustainability happen. We belong to Axel Johnson International with very ambitious goals, which are set to achieve long-lasting change. Visit our sustainability website to learn more about our work and agenda.

Code of Conduct

It is essential that all parties involved in our supply chain are treated with respect and dignity and have good working conditions and responsible manufacturing processes. We demand that all our suppliers both sign and operate in compliance with our Code of Conduct, which is based on international directives and regulations.