Our own test bench

In-house test center

Test bench

We have multiple in-house test centers where we can test up to 1,430 ton. Heavier test loads are performed in collaboration with our external partners. In our horizontal test bench, we carry out pull tests and breaking tests. We test subjects such as steel wire rope, lifting chains, lifting beams etc. The special design of the bench enables us to do pull tests (angle tests) of subjects up to 500 ton and 7 meters wide.

Our test bench is equipped with precise sensors that will reveal any elongation. The test can be video filmed and delivered to you as documentation. All tests are performed in a controlled and safe environment.

Water Weights

Water Weights are specially designed bags that allow testing of very heavy loads such as cranes, bridges and flight decks. Water Weights typically weigh less than 2% of the achievable load, the remaining 98% is water. The technology is simple, safe and adaptable, which means you can deploy it practically anywhere – indoor and out, on- and offshore, at your home base or on the other side of the planet.

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