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CERTEX Renewables has been at the forefront of the wind turbine industry's development, playing a pivotal role right from the early stages of wind turbine manufacturing. We have pioneered in creating prototype lifting tools, effectively setting the standard for manufacturing facilities worldwide. As our clients expanded or sought to optimize their processes, CERTEX Renewables has been a reliable partner, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality lifting produts and tools irrespective of location. 

Our approach is holistic, offering a blend of both standard and specialized solutions. This unique approach streamlines the procurement process for our clients, allowing them to minimize their supplier engagements and focus more effectively on what they do best. With CERTEX Renewables, you can rely on a dedicated team that understands your needs, offers innovative solutions, and supports your processes as well as long-term goals. We arere here to help you succeed, every step of the way, as the renewable energy sector continues to grow and evolve.

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Decades-long experience originating from the early days of wind turbine manufacturing

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Specialist in developing prototype tools for burgeoning manufacturing units

Singular destination for an exhaustive range of lifting tools, both standard and bespoke

What we do

A budding wind turbine manufacturer, expanding to a new region, was faced with the daunting task of replicating their primary facility. CERTEX Renewables stepped in, providing a suite of specialized lifting tools and standard components, ensuring a smooth transition and operational efficiency from day one. Today, that facility stands as a beacon of manufacturing excellence, a testament to the power of partnership and innovative solutions.

We offer:

  • Prototype lifting tools tailored for new and evolving factories.
  • Comprehensive solutions facilitating factory replication across various locations.
  • A vast selection of standard components and specialized lifting tools tailored for the industry's unique needs.

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