Streamlined, efficient and safe wind turbine installation

Supporting wind turbine installations

The installation of wind turbines is a critical juncture where time efficiency meets precision. The need for streamlined operations increases greatly with multiple turbines involved. Avoiding delays and errors that could compromise the performance or safety is essential. At CERTEX Renewables, we recognize this challenge. Merging our vast experience with collaborative designs, we co-create tools alongside our customers. Our objective is clear: to drastically reduce the operation time without a speck of compromise on safety. Thus, every turbine installation epitomizes speed, precision, and utmost safety.

At CERTEX Renewables, we are ready to support your next wind turbine installation project. We mobilize quickly in any part of the world, and our lifting products and special solutions will support each step in the installation process.

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Tool design in close collaboration with our customers 

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Rich experience ensuring efficiency without sidelining safety

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Global support offering support, products and solutions

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When a leading wind OEM faced challenges with swift and safe wind turbine installations across multiple sites, they partnered with us at CERTEX Renewables. Our co-designed tools became a game-changer, streamlining their processes and ensuring timely completion, much to the delight and satisfaction of stakeholders.

We offer:

  • Customized lifting tools for nacelle, tower, and blade installations.
  • Comprehensive services including lifting plans verification, pre-assembly turbine inspections, and commissioning inspections.
  • Access to the Certmax+ Certification system for quality assurance.

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