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Lifting solutions for wind turbine owners and operators

Driving innovation and cost efficiency

The lifespan of a wind turbine stretches across 20-25 years, during which it necessitates numerous visits for varying purposes - from standard inspections to minor services and even major component replacements. Recognizing the diverse challenges at each juncture, CERTEX Renewables meticulously designs tools that cater to these specific scenarios.

One prime example is our Tandem Tool, optimized for handling multiple bag lifts with chain hoists. Furthermore, we have evolved the Blade Gripper installation tool to cater to multi-brand needs. This innovation aids wind turbine owners, operators, and service companies in managing an assortment of turbine platforms without requiring a distinct tool for each. Our external sales team remains ever-vigilant, continuously gathering intelligence to enhance our universal tools, ensuring we deliver maximum efficiency at reduced costs.

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Specialized tool options for various maintenance challenges and scenarios

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Multi-brand adaptability, reducing the need for multiple specialized tools

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Persistent market intelligence, driving innovation and cost efficiency

One tool fits all

Imagine a leading wind turbine operator juggling an array of turbine brands. The logistical nightmare of managing brand-specific tools was eating into their efficiency. Enter CERTEX Renewables with our reimagined Blade Gripper installation tool. Now, this operator seamlessly handles various turbine platforms, ensuring not just operational efficiency but also substantial cost savings. Their story stands testament to our commitment to provide transformative solutions in the O&M domain.

We offer:

  • CTX Tandem tool: optimized for efficient multi-bag lifts.
  • CTX Blade Gripper: a universal solution for various turbine brands.
  • Insight-driven innovation through our dedicated external sales team.

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