Pipe Segment Gripper

Safe and easy transport of pipe segments

Lifting tool for pipe segments and casting sections

Introducing the Pipe Segment Gripper by CERTEX Renewables, your ultimate solution for smooth and easy lifting and transport of pipe segments and casting sections. This tool is designed to optimize your lifting jobs by ensuring flexibility and efficiency at minimum effort, all while securing maximum protection of the load.

The Pipe Segment Gripper is designed by our own engineers with focus on durability and reliable performance in demanding industrial environments. It is used in the renewable energy industry, particularly in the manufacturing of monopiles for offshore wind turbines but can also find its application in the production and manufacturing sector. Furthermore, the Pipe Segment Gripper is compatible with forklifts making the tool incredibly easy to transport further enhancing your operational efficiency.

Lifting KnowHow

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Universal lifting tool

For pipe segments and casting sections

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Adjustable width and height

Adjust the horizontal gripping width and vertical height

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Innovative design

Designed by our engineering team

Key specifications

With our Pipe Segment Gripper, you have a unique opportunity to optimize your monopile and pipe segment handling. Some of the tool's key features are listed below.

  • Working load limit (WLL): 110,000 kg
  • Net weight: approximately 25,500 kg
  • Horizontal gripping width adjustment: 2,300 mm to 5,490 mm
  • Electrically operated lifting spindle with trapezoidal thread
  • Vertical height adjustment up to 800 mm
  • Time required to move from min. to max. reach (and vice versa): approximately 4.5 minutes
  • Support rollers diameter: 580 mm with polyurethane (PU) coating, 90° shore Av

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